Check Your Local FTTC and ADSL Availibity


Genxsolutions FTTC (Fiber Broadband)

Up to 80Mbps broadband over a phone line

✅ Up to 10x faster download than standard ADSL

✅ Up to 20x faster upload than standard ADSL

✅ Available to almost two thirds of UK premises

✅ Guaranteed 'best efforts' minimum speeds

Genxsolutions ADSL2+

Cost effective, reliable business broadband

Up to 20Mbps download for business applications

Up to 2.5Mbps upload for VoIP and VPN

Unlimited data

Optional QoS and ACLs

Bonded FTTC

Up to 280Mbps over copper with advanced bonding technology

 Up to 280Mbps downstream and 64Mbps upstream

 Cost-effective alternative to leased lines

 Installation in 10-15 days

 12 month contract

Bonded ADSL2+

Multiple lines for a faster service

✅ Up to 80Mbps downstream and 8Mbps upstream

✅ Cost-effective alternative to leased lines

✅ Installation in less than 7 days