Telephone System

Business Telephone System

Genxsolutions is able to supply a complete ‘one stop shop’ business telephony solution, including hardware, installation and maintenance. Not only that, but we wrap every phone system with business enhancing applications that help transform the benefits your phone system can generate for your business. Coming with Computer Telephony Integration, Call Recording, Call Management and Music on Hold as standard, our phone systems provide much more than just calling ability. We can interlink you multiple national & international branches so you can contact them absolutely free and save your cost. Comparing BT we can save up to 70% on monthly telephone bill plus you can get advance telephony features included in price.

Our telephone system is suitable for small to large scale organisation and includes following features.

Voicemail to Email
Receive voicemail on the handset as well as in your e-mail as audio file.
Call Queue
Place callers into a regulated on-hold system on priority bases. Call queues are extremely useful when handling a large number of incoming callers at the same time.
Hunt Group
Virtual grouping of multiple extensions and rings all members of group at the same time when call comes in.
Welcome Message
Please custom announcements and welcome messages when call comes in.
Branch to Branch
Custom Music on Hold
Play uploaded music or company custom messages or offers as music on hold.
Time Based Call Routing
Routing calls based on schedules like play closing message after out of office time.
Auto Attend
Advanced auto call routing feature; locate you/user through find m/ follow me pre-configured conditions.
Call Spy
Barge and whisper ongoing call conversation. Useful for management for training and to monitor the performance of staff.
Do not Disturb
Send call directly to voicemail or any other destination when you are busy.
Multi Caller ID
Based on dialed number customize the called id and add description.
Call Transfer
Calls can be transfer to internal or external Ext/number.
Conference Calling
Up to 20 people can add in conference calling.
Company Directory
Virtual receptionist routing call to dedicated destination.
Call Park
Quality of Service
Sim Call

Get Premium Features

Call Recording
Record all inbound and outbound calls. Very useful and most demanding feature.
Details CDR & Graphs
All inbound and outgoing call reports with graphical presentation for planning & campaign feedback.
On Screen Live Status
Live status of all inbound & outbound calls with DID and time stamp.

Other Telecom Services

International Roaming
Why you pay big roaming bills if we can divert your calls to any international destination. Safe roaming cost up to 60%. Just let us know when and where you are going.
Analog line
Genxsolutions also offer analog phone line that you may require to enable broadband services, physical fax, Red care alarm system or payment card machines. 90 days contract and no hidden charges.
Number Porting
Keep your number where ever your move your office. We can take over your Geo & non-geo number and provide your our services so you can receive call anywhere you wish.
International DID
Now you can have international geo and no-geo number and receive your call in UK office. Fixed monthly charge. Please contact us for more information.