Managed IT Services


No business underestimates the criticality of keeping their server and network infrastructure up and running. In many cases when server/network outages or service degradation occurs it can prevent your entire business from operating. With this in mind it is crucial that appropriate measures are taken to safeguard your systems and applications. Genxsolutions provide a comprehensive Infrastructure Management service that maximizes up time and ensures that your systems and applications, be they on premise, hosted, or Cloud based, are optimally configured for performance.

We adopt a four-pronged approach to Infrastructure Management:

Proactive Support

In essence keeping the lights on and ensuring appropriate technical resource is available to address issues rapidly and prevent/reduce downtime.

24/7 Monitoring

keeping a comprehensive eye on the availability, performance and health of your systems and applications. When issues occur we identify and address them rapidly. Reports are generated monthly and analysed by our team to ensure developing trends are captured.

Auto Backup

To prevent data lose through threats such as a major systems failure, fire, theft, flood, malicious hacking, viruses or even a direct physical attack we do perform in-house and offsite automatic data backup with full encryption of all data.


  • Plan – Ensuring appropriate configuration of your infrastructure and adapting it as your requirements develop and change.
  • Update – Assuming the role of the old-fashioned Systems Administrator. Undertaking frequent housekeeping routines to ensure that you’re getting the best from your systems and applications and improve with updated technology.
  •  Maintenance – Continually assessing the configuration and performance of your systems and applications to ensure optimal performance and usability.